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30 September, 2012

Sentiero degli Dei

Convent of San Domenico View
View from outside the Convent of San Domenico
Sentiero degli Dei or in English -  The Path of Gods - is probably the most famous hiking trail on the Amalfi Coast. The path starts in the little mountain village Bomerano and runs all the way till Positano. When you like hiking, this trail is definitely a MUST when you're on the Amalfi Coast.
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29 September, 2012

Go West Road Trip

Grand Canyon NP
Grand Canyon National Park
Although every vacation has been so far an incredible experience, this one is without any doubt one of my favorites. Was it because of the the variation, the stunning landscapes, the company, the feeling of being "on the road" for real ...? I don't really know, it was probably a combination of many different things but one thing I do know: it was just unbelievable !! The song "Go West" from the Pet Shop Boys still brings a smile to my face instantly.
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27 September, 2012

Magical Lapland

Lapland Landscape
Finnish Lapland
I always wanted to visit Lapland, it just seemed like such a beautiful and Fairy Tale like place ... driving with a snowmobile or with a husky sledge through the beautiful white landscapes and when lucky maybe even see the Northern Lights. We decided to visit Finnish Lapland in March 2011. "Lapland Winter Wonderland" met without any doubt all our expectations and was an incredible experience. 
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26 September, 2012

About Us


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Me in San Francisco
Holiday Nomad in San Francisco


A travel lover with a full-time day job exploring - together with my husband - the world during our holidays. You do not need to be a full time globetrotter to see the world. There is so much that can be done during your holidays / vacations. I hope you will find some inspiration here for your next one!

Born and raised in Belgium-Europe, so if my English sounds funny sometimes that's the reason ;-)

Me in Grand Canyon NP
Holiday Nomad in Grand Canyon National Park

About the Blog:

My Travel and Photo Blog, which I started end September 2012, is for everyone who enjoys travel. We love to discover new places, a comfortable hotel, nice food and some action. We're big fans of hiking, nature and wildlife. This does not mean that we are backpackers, we love a unique or great hotel, wellness and nice food as well. The perfect holiday for us is a combination of all these things ... 

Why Holiday Nomad? Although in some parts of the world the word "holiday" is mostly used to indicate the time around Christmas, Thanksgiving, ... in Europe the word "holiday" is used for any time off from work and thus used as a synonym for "vacation".    

Sometimes even a 1000 words do not say as much as a simple photo ... therefore I love illustrating our travel stories with photos. Nearly all photos on this blog are amateur photos taken by myself or are photos of me. Other photos will always clearly mention the photographer or source.

Me in London
Holiday Nomad in London


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I hope you'll enjoy my blog and find some inspiration here for your next holiday / vacation. 

Freya - Holiday Nomad, a Travel and Photo Blog

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