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22 October, 2012

Yellowstone Photo Journey

Buffalo in Yellowstone NP
Yellowstone Photo Journey 
This magnificent, diverse and beautiful National Park
is hard to describe with words
I hope the photos will give you a better idea 
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13 October, 2012

Discover the Amalfi Coast

Villa Cimbrone
Villa Cimbrone Ravello Amalfi Coast
Many people talk in superlatives about the Amalfi Coast, I heard terms like "paradise on earth", "hiking paradise", "stunning", "picturesque" ... and many more. People who have visited the Amalfi Coast clearly seem to cherish the memories ... So I started wondering what makes the Amalfi Coast so special? Of course I wanted to go and experience it myself and ... I did not regret it for a second! A trip to the Amalfi Coast can easily be combined with a visit to Capri, Pompeii, the Vesuvius and Naples.
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04 October, 2012

Lapland Winter Wonderland

Lainio Snow Village
Lainio Snow Village
If you are looking for a holiday a bit different than usual, why not consider visiting Lapland? Lapland or Sapmi is an area which overlaps parts of Norway, Finland, Sweden and also includes the Russian Kola Peninsula. It is truly a real Winter Wonderland! In Rovaniemi you can even visit Santa Claus or cross the Arctic Circle. We decided to visit the less touristic part of Finnish Lapland "Yllasjarvi" and to leave Rovaniemi for another time. 
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03 October, 2012

Hotel Rita, Längenfeld Tyrol Austria

Hotel Rita
Hotel Rita
Hotel Rita in Längenfeld, Ötztal-Tyrol is very conveniently located between Ötz and Sölden. I guess this idilic hotel would be perfect in all seasons but as we love hiking we went there during summer season. The hotel is managed by the family Lengler - mother Rita and her two daughters Viktoria and Magdalena - providing together with their marvelous staff an excellent service.
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02 October, 2012

Incredible Poseidon Undersea Resort

Poseidon Undersea Resort
Poseidon Undersea Resort
I recently found on Fantastic Place this amazing resort on Fiji. Wouldn't it be an incredible experience to spend the night 40FT under water in a Fijian lagoon? I just cannot imagine how it feels like sleeping in a bed with view on the corals and fish. The Poseidon Undersea Resort is definitely on my bucket list ! However as it requires quite a big budget, I'll need to settle for trips a bit closer to home for now.
Freya - Holiday Nomad
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01 October, 2012

Costa Rica Pura Vida

Toucan Tortuguero NP
When you like pure nature, rain forests, cloud forests and an incredible variety of landscapes, wildlife and plants ... Costa Rica is definitely the place to be for you! While visiting I found out that Costa Rica is without any doubt "Pura Vida"... pure life, an expression which is often used as a greeting, farewell or a thank you.
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