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02 February, 2013

Rocky Mountain NP Photo Journey

Rocky Mountain NP - 1
Rocky Mountain National Park
After visiting the magnificent and diverse Yellowstone National Park followed by the Great Salt Lake and the incredible beautiful Canyonlands and Arches NP in Utah, we ended our June 2011 Midwest Road Trip with a visit to Rocky Mountain NP. Again we were stunned by the beauty, grandeur and diversity of the National Parks in the US. It is hard to describe this unique experience in words, therefore also here I hope my photos will give you a better idea and show you why also Rocky Mountain NP is a "must visit".  

Rocky Mountain NP - 2
Rocky Mountain National Park - 2

Rocky Mountain NP - 3
Rocky Mountain National Park - 3

Rocky Mountain NP - 4
Rocky Mountain National Park - 4

Rocky Mountain NP - 5
Rocky Mountain National Park - 5

Rocky Mountain NP - 6
Rocky Mountain National Park - 6

Rocky Mountain NP - 7
Rocky Mountain National Park - 7

Rocky Mountain NP - 8
Rocky Mountain National Park - 8

Rocky Mountain NP - 9
Rocky Mountain National Park - 9

Rocky Mountain NP - 10
Rocky Mountain National Park - 10

Rocky Mountain NP - 11
Rocky Mountain National Park - 11

Rocky Mountain NP - 12
Rocky Mountain National Park - 12

Rocky Mountain NP - 13
Rocky Mountain National Park - 13

Rocky Mountain NP - 14
Rocky Mountain National Park - 14

Rocky Mountain NP - 15
Rocky Mountain National Park - 15

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by Freya Renders - Holiday Nomad, a Travel and Photo Blog


  1. Gorgeous!
    And sure brings back memories... my family spent some time camping in RMNP in 1991. Was wonderful waking up with deer hanging around the campsite! :o)

    1. Hi Cris, thanks for commenting. It sure is a wonderful experience.

  2. Nice photo essay Freya. Love the pic of the bird on the tree.

  3. What a happy life in the Park.

  4. You found a chipmunk - along the east coast of the US they're often found but rather small, however, as you move west they get BIG. Usually pretty "tame" and friendly they make great ambassadores - we are lucky in the US that we've protected so much goregeous land, just need to get those budgets in check so we keep them staffed and open.

  5. You found a chipmunk! They're fun to watch/feed (generally larger at higher altitudes than their east coast cousins) - glad you're making it through the national parks - they are breathtaking. We are fortunate to have such beautiful spaces protected and available to the public. Now we just need to get the federal budgets aligned so they'll be fully staffed and remain open.

    1. The National Parks are indeed gorgeous, in each park I visit I'm completely stunned by the beauty. I agree that they should keep getting budget so they can remain open, staffed and protected.


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