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29 March, 2013

Climbing Mount Jbel Toubkal in Morocco

Climbing Mt Toubkal
Climbing Mount Toubkal
I decided that it would be a good idea to start my Mountain Climbing training in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and climb Mount Toubkal also called Jbel Toubkal - with its 4167 meters - the highest mountain of North Africa. I read a lot of information about the climb and was reassured by the fact that it did not seem to be a very technical nor difficult climb. So on 22nd of March at 8 am, a beautiful sunny day - I was ready to go. Together with a guide, a cook and a mule to carry the food and baggage, we started our hike from the Imlil Lodge located in Tamatert on the outskirts of Imlil.
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24 March, 2013

Why am I in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco

Holiday Nomad during Atlas Trekking
Atlas Trekking
When I looked forward to 2013 earlier this year, I wasn't planning to return to Morocco this year. So what changed? In May I will hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, this has been the number 1 on my bucket list for ages ... arriving at the Sun Gate the last day of the Inca Trail, watch the sun rise and slowly see the miracle of Machu Picchu appear below me ... No need to tell you how excited I was once I planned and arranged my trip. However the closer I get to this trip, the more nervous I'm getting ... will I physically be able to complete the Inca Trail? Sure I planned to prepare for the Inca Trail by going hiking a lot more, working on my condition, maybe even start running a bit ... however work and daily life got in the way of my training plans.
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19 March, 2013

Sentosa Island Singapore Photo Journey

Bridge to Southernmost Point of Asia Sentosa
Bridge to Southernmost Point of Asia
One of my favorite things to do in Singapore is taking a day trip to Sentosa Island. Sentosa - translating as "Piece and Tranquility" - is a Resort Island featuring Universal Studios Singapore, Marine Life Park, Dolphin Lagoon, beaches and many other exciting attractions. Although it is not always easy to find "Piece and Tranquility" on Sentosa due to its popularity, it is definitely worth a visit. There are 3 beautiful beaches; Palawan, Siloso and Tanjong beach. A walking bridge connects Palawan Beach with the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. There is so much to see and do, I definitely had an amazing day on Sentosa.
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16 March, 2013

The North Island, Taupo to Wellington

Marlborough Sounds Cook Strait
Marlborough Sounds
From Taupo to Wellington, a post - based upon his travel diary - by Roger Renders:
After our trip from Auckland to Pahia, we returned to Auckland to pick up our rental car and continued to explore the North Island of New Zealand. I got quickly used to driving on the left side of the road although I often found myself on the wrong side of the car to get in. We arrived in Taupo on 2nd of March 2002 together with the arrival of the Iron Man. We stayed in a hostel about 200 meters from Lake Taupo, a huge lake in a caldera created by a massive volcanic eruption more than 25.000 years ago. From the rooftop bar we had a stunning view on Mount Tongariro behind the lake. 
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11 March, 2013

Top 6 Animal Encounters in Uganda

Gorilla Uganda
By Shara Johnson from SKJtravel:
In 2012 I went to Uganda to volunteer in the Uganda Wildlife Education Center for a month. The UWEC takes in rescued wildlife from throughout the country but has no rehabilitation facilities to release them back into the wild after treatment, so typically the majority stays at the center in semi-natural habitat enclosures where the public can see them. After my time there, I traveled around the country to various national parks to see the amazing diversity of wildlife the country protects within its borders. Uganda is often referred to as "The Pearl of Africa" and it’s not difficult to understand why, with its lush jungle environment and copious wildlife, Lake Victoria and the headwaters of the Nile River. As wildlife viewing was for me (and for most tourists) the chief attraction in Uganda, here are a few of my favorite and most memorable wildlife encounters
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07 March, 2013

Top 5 things to do on the Big Island Hawaii

Ka Lae Big Island Hawaii
Ka Lae
Big Island, Hawaii is - as the name suggests - the biggest Hawaiian Island and is probably as well the most diverse one. You will find here rain forests, mountains, beaches, volcanos including Kilauea one of the world's most active volcanos, desserts and much more. Lots of people stay around the Kailua Kona area on the beaches when visiting Big Island which is definitely worth it but they miss out a lot, there is so much more to see ... After my top 5 things to do in Kauai and my top 5 things to do in Maui posts, here is my list of top 5 things to do on the Big Island.
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