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25 April, 2013

Atlas Mountains Imnane Valley Trekking

Tizi n'Aguersioual Atlas Mountains
Tizi n'Aguersioual
I already wrote some posts about our Atlas Trekking in Morocco last month but somehow I missed to describe our first day there, so here it goes. On our first day in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, we woke up around 8 am and about an hour later we were having a wonderful breakfast on the rooftop terrace of the Imlil lodge in Tamatert. It was a beautiful sunny day and the views from the terrace were just stunning. After a delicious and very relaxing breakfast, we met our guide Ibrahim. He told us that we were going to do an acclimatization hike in the beautiful Imnane Valley before starting the harder work the next day when we would attempt the 2-day climb of Mount Toubkal
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18 April, 2013

The Fascinating History of Dinant

Dinant Belgium
While visiting Dinant last weekend, I was so fascinated by the history of this beautiful city that I decided to write a post about it. Dinant, a small historic town build along impressive cliffs on the banks of the River Meuse, is located in the Walloon part of Belgium about an hour drive from Brussels. The name Dinant comes from the Celtic word Divo-Nanto meaning the Sacred Valley. Due to its strategic location on the Meuse, Dinant has seen many battles over the years ... from the invasion of the Vikings end 9th century till the bombardments during the second World War.
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12 April, 2013

Atlas Trekking Preparation and Packing List

Berber Village in the Atlas Mountains
Berber Village
The Atlas Mountains are a mountain range of about 2500 km stretching through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The Atlas Mountains in Morocco and particularly the High Atlas is the most popular part and a true hiking paradise. Many visitors come here each year to hike through the beautiful valleys, through the Berber Villages or to climb Mount Jbel Toubkal, with an elevation of 4167 meters the highest peak of North Africa. The Atlas Mountains are easy reachable from Marrakech. It is about one hour drive from Marrakech to get to Imlil, most Trekking Companies will include in their price the pick-up from Marrakech. Arranging an independent trek is quite easy, however to make the most out of your trip it is important to go well prepared.
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08 April, 2013

New Zealand's Astounding North Island Photo Journey

the famous Hole in the Rock
By Kristin Addis from BeMyTravelMuse:
I had the good fortune to meet up with my mother halfway around the world in New Zealand for a holiday over Easter. We took the first half of our journey through the amazingly beautiful North Island, touring Auckland, the Bay of Islands, and the beautiful drive in-between. The following is my photo journey of the little slice of the North Island that I was able to visit:
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04 April, 2013

Berber Villages around Imlil in Morocco

Atlas trekking through Berber villages
Atlas Trekking Berber villages
After our 2 day trekking climbing Mount Toubkal, we only had one day left in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. On our last day, our guide Ibrahim took us on a walk through Imlil Valley, passing several Berber villages. There are lots of Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains. The Berbers, also called Imazighen or Amazigh meaning free people, are the original inhabitants of Morocco and still have their own language and culture. Ibrahim explained us that there are 3 different Berber dialects in Morocco being Tamazight in the Atlas Mountains, Tarafit in North Morocco and Tashelhit in the Agadir area. Most of the Berbers in the Atlas Mountains are farmers now.
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