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26 November, 2013

10 best Christmas Markets in Europe

Santa Claus Christmas market
Santa Claus

The holiday season is my favorite time of year. I love winter walks, the smell of hot chocolate, reading in front of the fireplace, ice-skating, family dinners, the beautiful decorations, reflecting on a year nearly gone by and ... visiting the many beautiful and unique Christmas markets. Last year I only managed to visit some Christmas markets in my home country, like the Antwerp Christmas market, the Brussels Christmas Market and the beautiful Ice Sculpture Festival and Christmas market in Bruges. This year however I plan to visit as many as possible, I already started some preparation and looked into the 10 best Christmas Market in Europe and also asked fellow travel bloggers for their Christmas market recommendations ... 
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20 November, 2013

In the Spotlight: Lake Powell National Park

Amazing Rock formations Lake Powell National Park
Lake Powell Boat Tour
I'm standing at the railing of the boat and stare in awe over the crystal clear blue waters at all the amazing rock formations, it feels so unreal, like I'm on another planet. No wonder this area has served as a film location for so many movies, Planet of the Apes being a well know example. I'm soaking the vistas surrounding me like a sponge and simply cannot stop gazing around. The wind is blowing through my hair and the sun is providing a pleasant warmth .. what a perfect day it is! I'm on a boat tour on the enchanting Lake Powell, Glen Canyon and am on my way to the famous Rainbow Bridge.
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13 November, 2013

10 extreme Travel Destinations

Driving a car on a snowy road
10 Extreme Travel Destinations
Stretching from Marrakech to the Galapagos Islands, Maui to Lapland and everywhere in-between there are hundreds of exciting and beautiful travel destinations. Millions of people look forward to their yearly holiday to discover another beautiful place, explore a new country, relax, spend time with their family while on vacation ... However, the face of tourism is quickly changing as people look more and more for something out of the ordinary. Adventurers, in particular, have an insatiable appetite for the extreme. Here are ten extreme travel destinations to seduce the daring adventurer ... 
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09 November, 2013

Galapagos Islands Photo Journey

a sea lion on Santa Cruz Island Galapagos
Sea lion
The Galapagos Islands - located about 1000 kilometers west of Ecuador - consists out of 21 islands disseminated on both sides of the equator. This paradise on earth is an archipelago of volcanic islands, Isabela Island is the most active one with 5 volcanoes still active. Some of the other main islands - amongst others - are Santa Cruz, Fernandina, Espanola, Floreana, San Cristobal and Bartolome. The many endemic species on the islands, helped Charles Darwin with his theory of evolution based upon natural selection. He noted for example that although the finches on each island belonged to the same family they all evolved differently to adapt to the specific conditions and environment on each island. I hope you'll enjoy my Galapagos Photo Journey of this nature lovers heaven.
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