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09 August, 2014

10 Most Stunning Disney Sand Sculptures

Brave Disney Sand Sculpture
Sand Sculpture Festival Ostend in Belgium is the biggest Sand Sculpture Festival in the world. You can admire the 150 Sand Sculptures created by 30 artists of 12 different nationalities till the end of August on Ostend beach. Together with a visit to fairytale Bruges, this makes a great weekend trip! Here are the photos of my 10 favorite Disney Sand Sculptures ... 

1. Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean Disney Sand Sculpture
Pirates of the Caribbean Sand Sculpture

2. Jungle Book

Jungle Book Disney Sand Sculpture
Jungle Book Sand Sculpture

3. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Disney Sand Sculpture
Alice in Wonderland Sand Sculpture

4. Ariel

Ariel Disney Sand Sculpture
Ariel Sand Sculpture

5. Pocahontas 

Pocahontas Disney Sand Sculpture
Pocahontas Sand Sculpture

6. Cars

Cars Disney Sand Sculpture
Cars Sand Sculpture

7. Toy Story

Toy Story Disney Sand Sculpture
Toy Story Sand Sculpture

8. Nemo

Nemo Disney Sand Sculpture,
Nemo Sand Sculpture

9. Snow White

Snow White Disney Sand Sculpture
Snow White Sand Sculpture

10. Ratatouille 

Ratatouille Disney Sand Sculpture
Ratatouille Sand Sculpture

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. They're all so good. I assume this is happening right now in Ostend? I'm amazed by the talent. Really. I think Alilce in Wonderland is the best, but they're all good. The perspective and personality in Cars is excellent.

    1. yes it's right now in Ostend till the end of August

  2. These sand sculptures are so incredibly creative! We like the Jungle Book with the snake and the monkey. The last real sand sculptures we saw were in Puerto Vallarta - sand artists sculpt some huge pieces along the malecon seaside promenade.

    1. It's incredible how to create such stunning sculptures

  3. We have those sand sculpture festivals in Denmark too, but I've never seen them with a Disney theme.

  4. Oh my GOSH, these are amazing, Freya! I'm always blown away by folks who have the talent for this kind of art considering the material they are working with. How ironic and spooky that I pulled this up just now because Pirates of the Caribbean is on tv (I own the dvds)!! For real! My two favorites were Cars and Nemo...both of which I own also! Thank you for the smile with your post today!

  5. These sculptures are amazing. I'd never heard of this festival before -- well worth visiting, I think. My favorite? Probably Snow White -- always loved that story.

    1. It's for sure worth a visit even without kids

  6. Belgium is becoming quite creative with these kinds of festivals. I was at an ice sculpture festival (with French and Belgian cartoons as a theme) in January, and now sand. Did they only have Disney sculptures?

    1. Hi Sophie yes only Disney sand sculptures on this one. I also went to the ice sculpture festival and loved it

  7. Those are incredible - I can't tell you how much my kids would love to see something like this! Very difficult to choose but I think my favourite is probably Ariel - The Little Mermaid has always been one of my favourite Disney movies!

    1. I'm sure your kids would love it

  8. This is something I'd love to see when in Belgium. I especially love the "Pirates of the Caribbean" sculpture. The artists who make these are incredibly talented!

  9. These are incredible! My favorite is Nemo as it seems the perfect subject for a sand sculpture.

    1. It is indeed incredible, I don't understand how the make these

  10. Wow, they are all fantastic. I couldn't pick just one out.

    I wonder how long they took to create?

    1. I had difficulties picking 10, there were so many stunning sculptures

  11. These are fantastic! The Alice in Wonderland one is definitely the best!

    1. Hi Mandy, it's a great one indeed


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