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Awesome Travel Blogs 

some I have been following for years, 
others I found once I started my own travel blogging journey

in alphabetical order

  • A Backpacker's Tale: Stephen is determined to make his dream to become a permanent traveller reality, he started his journey around the world in March 2013. He also has a photo blog called Traveling with a camera
  • Adventurous Travels: Tom's passion for travel brings him to adventurous and off the beaten path destinations like the Caucasus and Eastern Europe
  • Beyondblighty: Arianwen is an editor by profession who takes every opportunity to swap office deadlines for global exploration. Solo, independent backpacking and terrifying adrenaline sports are her major passions
  • Bookmark Travel: curating useful travel sites and interesting travel videos
  • Dream Euro Trip: Stylish European adventourism blog, the EuroTrip bible written by DJ Yabis
  • eTramping: Cez and Agness, two best friends travelling like tramps around the world for less than $25 a day. An inspirational blog with lots of budget tips
  • EuroTravelogue: Jeff's online travel journal is filled with magnificent stories and photography. A great blog to discover all the stunning places in Europe
  • Everything Everywhere: Gary sold his house in 2007 and has been traveling ever since. He visited all continents and over 116 countries so far
  • Flipnomad: a Budget Travel Blog of a Filipino Backpacker
  • Greg Goodman, Travel Photographer & Storyteller, A Journey Awaits
  • Jayme Blackmon: a great Parks Explorer site, providing lots of information on America's National and State Parks 
  • Legal Nomads: Jodi quit her job as a lawyer in 2008 and has been traveling and eating her way around the world every since. Very inspirational and a great read
  • Nomadic Matt: Matt decided - after a bad experience with an out of date guidebook - to create a blog providing the best up-to-date travel information. He achieved his goal
  • Nomadic Notes: Long term Travel Blog by James Clark
  • OurOyster: A budget travel blog with personal stories, tour reviews, destination guides and family travel tips
  • Santa Fe Travelers: Billie and Steve are the experts on Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Travel Bloggers Guide: a complete resource for starting a Travel Blog
  • TravelExperienceLive: Bram's goal is to see, feel, hear, smell and taste as much of this beautiful planet as possible. One small step at a time.
  • Travel on Inspiration: J, a mid-twenties guy from Essex in the UK is looking forward to quit  his 9 to 5 job and sell his home to go on an adventure around the world in 2014
  • Travel Reportage: Giulia Cimarosti's blog about independent budget travel with a special focus on photography and the Middle East

Other Great Blogs 

besides awesome travel blogs, 
I also came across great other blogs

  • Maria Falvey: Literary "snapshots" of life - short essays on Maria's observations of life and travel; often in an Accelerated Stall